Saturday, February 14, 2015

7 year itch

I think the 7 year itch thing is real! Hell, I had the 7 month itch when I was married!  I think I may not have been put on this earth to be connected to one person for the duration of my time. It's not like I want someone else is just that the thought of dealing with the same little annoyances FOREVER make me want to jump clear or of my skin and run screaming down the middle of the street.

 Little Things like....

Asking me several times what time I'm coming home when you know I have no idea.

Straightening the bed while I'm laying down relaxing.

Wiping the kitchen down while I'm cooking

Asking me what is wrong with my phone if I don't pick up the first time you call.  If I'm working and with clients you know I'm not picking up.

Making us embarrassingly late to every event ever!  Like every one.  Like not on time like eeeeeever!

It seems like to everyone else these are just things people live with.  To me it feels like


I dont even want to LIVE WITH someone much less legally bind myself to anyone. Like.... I don't want to have to pay to break up with anyone.

Is it just me? Do any of you feel like this or is it more of my warped behavior?

Disclaimer: I have my period


  1. Ok...disclaimer: I'm not on my period (lol), and I agree so I think you have a valid point. My mother tells me all the time that if I want a relationship, I have to deal with some kind of annoyance, but I don't know what that is because so many things that guys do just irk me sooooo much. I really want to find one person and love them and all their annoying traits but the way my tolerance is set up....I just don't know.

    1. Yes UCB! It's like I remember when I was younger I used to pretend like the little quirks were cute.
      Now I'm like annoying is annoying. Never cute. I mean even things like if he ate steak or something and a piece got stuck in his tooth the way he'd try and get it out made my blood boil. I'm just not as tolerant as I used to be