Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hello!  It's been a while huh?

Well nothing much is going on.  I got a text from MD the other day


It just said

MD:  Good morning Stranger I miss you

M: I miss you too

MD: Come say hi

M: I cant

And then I immediately erased the texts because I don't want them haunting me.

I had a bad bout of PMS and went off on Crab.  I think it was about sex.  Lack of sex I think.  I can't even remember what I was saying Then I tried to break up with him and ended up telling him I loved him and could we just forget it.

I get that REALLY bad PMS sometimes.  I am like an enraged maniac.  My face was broken out like I was going through terrible puberty.

Anyway.  There's a little update for you guys.  I'm gonna go roam around and see what's up with my fav blogs!