Monday, January 31, 2011

THE LOCK IS OFF and I'm baaaaaack.... for good this time! Really

Wow! So I just deleted everything. I was trying to unpublish them but I'm working off a slow little acer right now and when I did it it asked if I wanted to delete all 266 posts and I thought to myself... Why not. I have read over these damn posts over and over and over again. I've probably gotten as much out of them as I'm gonna by now.

So anyway I'm back for real now and I'm taking the lock off. I hated the lock. YAY! We're freeeeee...

So anyway. You know I talk about y'all to Crab all the time! And recently several of you helped Crab and I during a discussion. He's been thinking about blogging for a little bit and I invited him to guest blog here! YES.... Here! (okay so now y'all understand the whole mishap riiiiii? I kid... I kid...)

I think this should be interesting especially because you guys know him, but he doesn't know you! I have no idea what he is planning on discussing but we are never to answer questions from him about me... :p but I want him to have a good experience here!

So Crab, welcome to here...

I hope you all get on and comment and say hi and show him some love! Promise! Lynn.... Secret508... UN... All y'all.

And you know what.... I'm still gonna write about him, I don't care. Cause I say half the same shit when I'm drunk anyway.

So listen, Mini spent the entire weekend with his dad for the first time. I don't know if I even have the words to express how amaaaaazing it was. It was the best weekend EVER! Friday I was so tired I just went to sleep. I was plotting and planning but alas my body was like "naw...." So Saturday Morning I woke up. Walked around Marshalls all leisurly and shit... I didn't have to tell anyone to get out of the racks or stop climbing on that, stop running around this store like you don't have any sense... nope. None of that. But here's the thing. I didn't know how to be. I didn't know how to browse... It felt awkard not being rushed and nerve wrecked. So I bought some socks. Then after Marshalls Crab and I grabbed something to eat did some running around and then just relaxed and watched tv. It was weird though because I'm not used to all of that time with someone of the male persuasion so I kept worrying about wearing out my welcome. My ex said to me once that when I used to come over his apartment he was always waiting for me to leave. So I'm really funny about that now. I never want to be unwanted and not know it. You know? So I just do the job for myself. But I spent the whole day relaxing with Crab and it was refreshingly lovely.

So anyway doe. We had this discusion and we were able to bring in the help of UCB, UN, Monique, Alovelydai, and Starla. Here's how it went and feel free to give your late ass opinions ;) (can you tell who's opinion must have been the minority in the discussion)

So we're watching the Jersey Shore and Crab mentioned how wrong it was of JWow to dance the way she did in the club when she had a boyfriend. He said that if she wouldn't do it in his face than it was wrong to do. He said that what she does is grinding and definitely grounds for a breakup. I felt "It's just dancing. I don't think it's that big of a deal". So we enlisted the help of the above for their opinions. The question was posed like this:

If a couple goes to a club together and either one walks away and returns to find the other grinding with someone else what should be the response.

Most felt like Crab that it was disrespectful and unacceptable. I only had one ally in Monique who said it depends on the type of relationship the couple has. But you know what... I have no plans on grinding on anyone so...

So after that Crab went to The Spot, I followed shortly after. PIC was supposed to come but she fell asleep and Sis was out and going to meet me but no dice. So I decided to roll dolo. But no worries. I could care less cause y'all know I like to go out by myself anyway. So I find a seat and there are these 2 dudes to the left of me. I was trying to look like I was watching the basketball game (but I have no interest in BBall). It didn't work. So they start asking me about my drink which is a common starter I guess. Dude was all... "That's so strong I've always wanted to try it but I'm scared. Have you ever had an apple martini?" Ugh... First of all I despise fruity drinks especially the ever loved "Appletini"... Secondly... Scared really? You're scared... -_- Anyway. So after I said like 80 times ITS JUST VODKA... he says he's gonna try it. Then asked me like 50 times how I order it. Don't you know this mutha fucka walks back with one drink in his hand? DEAD. I was done talking. First of all y'all know I don't like to spend my money on alcohol, so if some dude is gonna keep chatting me up he should offer me a drink. But to ask me for a good 10 minutes to describe my drink and then to go get it and not get me me one or even offer... uh uhhhhhhh. So I shifted in my chair to put the brakes on further conversation. So anyway in comes Cat Daddy and he was pleasant as usual! He had his youngest son with him who was 18 and had the cutest babyface ever! So AC makes his way over and complimented my cleavage. I then said "since you like it so much..." and pulled my sweater up a bit so I was more covered. He must have had a bit much to drink because he doesn't normally say things like that. So eventually BabyFace made his way back over and was flirting with me. It was so cute. So I blushed a lot for him. Then I went back to Crab's and it was a great end to a great day. I was a little drunker than I thought though because I keep remembering bits and peices of the later part of the night and thinking "OMG I can't beleive I said that!" But... I'm pretty sure I did!