Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hey Y'all! Ramblings!

Yo! What up. Been a minute huh? Well I aint talkin to Mz.P. I feel guilty cause she asked for an explaination while I was in the hospital and I told her I'd call he back and I never did. But basically cause she continuosly makes fucked up life choices. And it would be fine if said choices did not cause life situations that wouldn't necessarily require a friend to "be a friend". But her shit be like "I fucked up my money and me and my kids are homeless. Guess we'll sleep in the car." at which point a "TRUE FRIEND" would say...?

Girl are you crazy. Y'all can stay here with me (in my tiny apt) until you get a place.

Yeah well when that shit happens more times that Lauren Hill gets pregnant you are gonna have to reevaluate just what your duties are as a friend.

Bad life choices

- Letting your kids live elsewhere
- Getting apts with your little loser ass sister and her loser ass boyfriend who always seem to be the fault of your evictions.
- Getting fired from a job for giving brain (caught on camera mind you)
- Getting fired from a job for fuckery caused by sleeping with male coworkers
- Getting a new job and hooking up with the security guard
- remaining "friends" with a man after he tells your daughter "your mother hates you, come over and we can talk about it"
- Being friends (fucking) with one of the men that you slept with at your job who then went got you fired
- The people she hangs with - POINT BLANK PERIOD
- having your teenage daughters staying from one dude's house to another dudes house to another dude's house cause you haven't got a place to stay.
- Staying with a man who steals from you. Like carry all valuables, sleep with your purse under your pillow steals... For 7 years...
- Give custudy of your child over to him cause he says he can help you get some welfare. Watch sadly as he does nothing to help you and puts you on child support.

On my own note. Crab aint come to the wedding with me. Surprise Surprise. Granted his reason was valid (His daughter Flip, y'all remember Flip right? She got married the same day!) But that NWord could have told me that shit NOT THE NIGHT BEFORE. That's right. Im my backwards way of organizing my words I just told yall he told me this shit 7pm the night before and ONLY when prompted with a "You're still coming with me tomorrow right?" So I was HIGHLY, pissed off. HIGHLY. Like had no desire to carry on idle conversation for... well a damn minute (sorta kinda still)

Um... as usual I want a boyfriend :(

Um... My husband asked me out on a date. @_@. I know. That shit cray! He's on anti-depressants now so I think he's just been high for the past couple of weeks so his reality and my reality are different. Cause my shit doesn't have unicorns and gnomes.

Um... PICs been fakin on the going out tip. I might have to scout out another pretty braod to get my hangout on with.

And yeah thats bout all righ now.