Sunday, November 18, 2012

I'm ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey! Just giving a little, I'm still breathing post.

Survived Sandy.  With electricity.  Me and Crab.  Mini and I stayed at his house, because I always want to be with him when it storms.  But this time I let it be known.  I stocked the house and we bunkered down until...

His ex wife'spower went out.  And his daughter's. So we ended up with

1. Ex
2.Crab Jr
3. Flip (youngest daughter)
4. Cheeks (grandson - Flip's 10 month hold)
5. The other one (oldest daughter - cant remember what I named her)
6. Tude (granddaughter - The other one's 8yo)
7. LilMan (grandson - The other one's 4yo)
8.Teeny (grandson - The other one's 5wk old)
9. Dude (the other one's boyfriend/Teny's  father)
10. Extra (the boyfriend's 7yo)

So my halfway romantic stormed in  thing went down the drain.
My job was closed for a week so THAT was great!

In other news...milestone

I think I knows he loves me back just as much.

Also...  The Body Shop's Tea Tree line cleared my face up.  It had broken out something TERRIBLE.  Bad enough I didn't want to go out. So if you have problem skin I highly recommend it.  Now I just need to lose this weight I've gained!