Saturday, January 4, 2014


Longtime no write to!   Well since I last wrote I have realized MD is the devil's spawn, Started a new career and basically have become and old married couple with CM.  Al we do is old married people stuff but....


Yup.  Good ol whining crying unhappy depressed "No such thing as love" Diana is actually happy in my relationship.  Me and Crab are great!  It's funny because the other day me and Crab were talking and I mentioned about how the only reason Homeboy ever came to be was because Crab didn't want to commit,  And he said

What you failed to understand is that it already was.  I didnt thin there was a need to formally SAY we were together because we WERE together.  Didn't we do everything like a couple.  So in my opinion it was understood we were,

I was like


Not me. **shrug**

So as happy as I am I still need you guys!  I need to vent!  I need to have someone I can tell "Crabs OCD gets on my nerves"  or "I just want to cook WITH onions every now and then.

Anyway... I'm off to go check and see what you party people have been up to in my absence!