Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hello!  It's been a while huh?

Well nothing much is going on.  I got a text from MD the other day


It just said

MD:  Good morning Stranger I miss you

M: I miss you too

MD: Come say hi

M: I cant

And then I immediately erased the texts because I don't want them haunting me.

I had a bad bout of PMS and went off on Crab.  I think it was about sex.  Lack of sex I think.  I can't even remember what I was saying Then I tried to break up with him and ended up telling him I loved him and could we just forget it.

I get that REALLY bad PMS sometimes.  I am like an enraged maniac.  My face was broken out like I was going through terrible puberty.

Anyway.  There's a little update for you guys.  I'm gonna go roam around and see what's up with my fav blogs!


  1. Sometimes when I do stupid shit, I wish that I had an excuse like PMS. That way I could blame my stupidity on something.

    It would be nice if I could blame my stupid shit on testosterone.

    1. Haaaaa! Omg Reggie! Experiment tiiiiime! Next time blame it on testosterone. Say...
      "I'm so sorry. It's that time of the month when my testosterone is really high and I get a little moody. I don't really think you're a skank."
      Let's see if it works!