Thursday, February 5, 2015


You know what sucks?


You know what sucks more?

When people keep living up to the stereotypes.

You know, you dont want to be that person that stereotypes people.  Like, in my business ethics is a big topic.  No discrimination and all.

But... of course there are definitely stereotypes that we discuss.  Me personally I stay FAR away from speaking or consigning because it's a dangerous thing to get in to.

Those Wigglyworms are sneaky

Green Goblins are always trying to get something for nothing!

But here's the super fucked up part. You do the right thing and dont stereostype people.  You take people at face value and then they go and do the thing you were trying not to pin on them and you get burned.

The other day I was on the phone with an agent I'm doing a deal with.  Now I am one of those black girls that grew up with the "you sound white" BS. If you're like me then you know it can get you into some precarious situations on the phone when you speak to someone that you've never met before. Shes all...

These people are shady!  I swear they're always trying to get the upper hand on people! No seriously.  I knew one who was americanized and had a white husband and all so I thought things would be fine.  But no! As soon as we were in a deal she started with the sneaky shit.

AWKWARD (especially the white husband part)

But so far I'm 3 for 3 with the stereotype.  It sucks because I dont want to be prejudiced but I also dont want to lose control of my transactions by not preparing for the BS.


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