Sunday, January 25, 2015

Reply Post

I figured I'd just make my Reply to Laki a post because it was getting lengthy.

Okay MD - I can't.  He's evil on the inside.  As long as I stay away I'm good.  He came to the bar to apologize to me for everything.  I accepted.  Hugged him.  And immediately we melted into each.  It's awful.  We can't touch.  We can't be around each other.  There's something that is not of the physical realm that has connected us.  We were made for each other I think.  But he's evil on the inside.  he has a dark core.  So we can never be together and he poisons my life so we can't  even be friends.

Real Estate is stressful.  These big million dollar deals are great but girl they are stressful!  And people with money aren't hoping they get the house.  They're playing hardball.  Everyday is like a day at the roulette table and I don't gamble so I don't like that part.  But I still love it.

The meal ticket thing. Hmmmm maybe.  I think he's more in a depression though.  We're talking about a man who went out 3 or 4 nights a week who wore Ferragamo and Gucci and smelled like manly peaches who now sleeps like 20 hours a day and NEVER leaves the house.  Like ever. He goes to the gym for an hour and he sits with me at work for 2 hours once a week.  He NEVER leaves that one spot. I used to be scared when he'd be at my house that he'd jump off the balcony while I was gone.  I mentioned it once and he said he'd thought about it. But he was good to me when I got crazy and quit my job.  He never rushed me to look for one.  When he was working all he wanted from his check was protein powder and the rest was for me.  So Im not particulary worried about him using me.  More about enabling his depression.  I'm not trying to pull him out of that cave.  I think I kind of bring him blankets and can goods which allow him to stay in that dark cave (literally because he keeps his room dark at all times).

I recently had a talk about accepting any job at this point.   I should push a little further.  Not even for me.  For him.  I'm helping him wallow in this depression instead of pulling him out.


  1. You know, now that you explain it, it makes a lot of sense. And sorry, but that line about him jumping off the balcony kinda made me chuckle/snort lol

    It must be a real dark time for him and I know how it could be easy to enable someone when they're so vulnerable. I wonder if it's especially dark for him because he sees your star rising and he's in this rut...

    You're also a much stronger person than me. I've been known to put all evilness aside for premium dick. I don't have that kind of fortitude to say no when it comes to things like that lol

    1. Haaaa! Now I'm laughing at you laughing at it!

      Yeah I could totally see me being jealous in that type of situation. He has been the one who got me there. I totally didn't believe I could do it but he pushed me and coaches me through the times I doubted myself. He recently told me he could use that same push sometimes. I've got to do better. He's studying for his real estate license though. Then he can jump on board with me. That's part of the reason I've worked super hard. I wanted to get the ship going for my live one's in case they want to join me. It's what the foreigners do. They set up businesses for their families. That was part of the idea. The other part is I'm crazy competitive with myself and a workaholic. (Which i think is a majority of it! ;) )

    2. That sounds fun. I sometimes think it would be fun to do a family business thing... If my family had any kind of business acumen.. And if you're BOTH pulling in those fat commissions??? That's like Scrooge McDuck DuckTales money right there!