Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Gotta keep it together!

So for the past 4 years Mini and I always get snowed in at Crab's house.  Anytime there was a storm coming we'd pack up our things and go hunker down at Crab's house. This time I decided to pass. For one, as much as I love the kids, I'd rather listen to 1 than 4. It was cool being snowed in with just the three of us. But seven people in a house? No thank you.  I must say, I've enjoyed quiet and onions while being snowed in. Yup! Onions.  Crab hates onions so I don't cook with them on a normal basis. I loooooove onions! So I'm enjoying myself. Made chili with onions, Turkey chops... with onions.  I have one more onion to use.. Turkey sausage with onions and quinoa. He won't try quinoa either! I'm in heaven! Nom nom nom nom nom!

I received a wonderful call yesterday. I'd ignored it like three times because I thought it was a telemarketer. Well it wasn't. Turns out it was a new client! He wants to purchase one of our listings. The amazing thing about that is to get both sides a huge deal is big! The commission on selling both sides of a $1M is equal to selling a $2M house. I hung up the phone and immediately started jumping on the bed.  But this is just the first step.  Things can always fall apart. Getting a deal is the easy part. Keeping it together it's another story!

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