Friday, January 30, 2015

Deal Dead

Whelp, one deal fell through.  We were so close.  So So close.  This is the dude who got taken in the ponzi scheme.  I'd found him a loan, he had a cosigner.  Turns out the cosigner's mortgage payments were more than he'd originally disclosed.  Wonk, wonk, wooooooonk.  DEAL DEAD.  But... I had another deal cooking in the background.  It sucks though because it was submitted by another agent so that cuts my commission in half.  But money is so much better than no money.

And then other dude that was playing hardball actually got all his terms!  We're Under Contract now!  Yaaaaay!

That's all that is really going on.  I'm cracking down on Mini.  He's not serious in school.  It's so hard for me because I was not that kind of a kid.  I listened.  I've got to get him together though.  A family friend of ours can get him a scholarship to a prestigious boarding school.  But not with comments like "Mini does not follow direction"

Le Sigh......


  1. Boarding school? Like he'd be living there?

    And CONGRATS! You're right; any money is much better than no money ;)

    1. Yes Mam! He really wants to go! It isn't anywhere he couldn't come home on the weekends from. It's less than an hour away.

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