Monday, January 12, 2015

Getting That Old Love Back

Okay rough patch is done.  This is how it got smoothed out...

So week before last,Crab did something. I'm not sure what it was but what ever it was it made me feel the need to speak on it.

As usual it wasn't met with a warm reception.  After that I was cool to him.  Not cold.  But cool.  I wasn't rushing to make dinner.  I wasn't calling all times of the day.  I stayed home most days.  Well a few days ago we were talking about something and he said

"You're such a good person"  My response was to laugh and say "Shut up"

C:  Why are you saying shut up.  You are a good person
M:  Because you're being sarcastic.
C:  You don't think I meant it
M: (laughing) stop playing!  You were being sarcastic right?
C:  Why would you think I was being sarcastic
M:  Because you usually are when you say something nice.  It's usually followed by laughing or a              criticism.  That's all.  That's just why I didn't get that you were being serious.
C:  I'm kind of hurt that you think I'm always saying mean things to you.
M: Don't be hurt.  I'm just not used to it.  I didn't mean to offend you.  But honestly you are usually complaining about something I didn't do, or something I did wrong... not just saying nice things out of nowhere
C:  I tell you all the time how much I appreciate you.
M: You might think it in your head but it's got to have been like 4 or 5 months since you've said something like that
C: Well I'm sorry.  I do love and appreciate you

And since then I've had my old Crab back.  Calling me through the day to see how I'm doing.  Reminding me to drive safely.  He even touched my face as I was falling asleep last night.

I guess it just speaks to how you can't MAKE a person see something.  I'd been trying to force this down his throat for months.  Trying to have talks and let him know what I was feeling.  But all he'd do when I did was shut down.  He'd get defensive and offensive and become like a brick wall.  And it was just so simple as me mistaking a simple sentence for sarcasm and BOOM he understood.  I've gotten I love yous (which he never said FIRST) and so much sweetness.

And just now he asked if I'd help him study.  He said he thinks he needs a little push.  He's lost motivation and he really needs me to help him.

I can do that!


  1. Be careful girl. Your his meal ticket n he knows it. If he loves u he will prove it by getting a job so your not supporting him. Your his meal ticket n he knows it. He aint going nowhere cuz he don't have nowhere to go. Don't be a fool.

    1. Ugh! Meal ticket sounds horrible. I could see how that could be felt.

  2. ^^^Agree. There needs to be some action behind those words. You cannot continue to support this dude.

  3. I'M BACK AND I MISSED YOUR BLOG!! I just got done catching up on everything so let me compile all my thoughts into this one comment:

    So no more MD? That was a bad situation all around.
    I've always wanted to get into real estate. I know the money can be great, but that shark tank like work isn't for me, I think.
    Is Crab still ignoring Mini? Has he warmed up to him at all?
    I agree with Kysandra---I don't wanna say it, but after binge reading a year of your posts, it sounds like Crab, who's been unemployed and falling apart (not dressing up, smelling good, being awake) is keenly aware that you're his meal ticket and he's gotta know that he's been treating you less than stellar lately, so he'll lay on the sugar for a bit to get back in your good graces. Or, hopefully, I could be totally wrong, and this is a wakeup call to him that he's takin a good thing for granted and needs to get his shit together. I'm rootin' for ya!!