Saturday, January 3, 2015


Okay another quick vent.

I feel TRAPPED.  Trapped Trapped Trapped.

Sometimes I wonder if Crab doesn't get a job because he thinks if he does I'll leave him.  Because I won't leave him down and out.  I just can't.  There's no one else.  No family no friends to pick up the pieces that I do.

I'm sure you remember the Crab from the beginning.  Super stylish.  Smelled awesome.  Great personality.

Now this Crab....
NEVER gets out of the bed. EVER NEVER EVER Only to go to the gym. He is just always laying in the bed.  Like always!

Sleeps ALL day.

Rarely seems to shower.

He's cynical.  Has a nasty attitude.  Always has to be right.  Always has some smart shit to say.  He's a fucking jerk.

I try to be positive in hopes that it will rub off on him but nope.  When he says some nasty sarcastic shit I ignore it.  Don't feed into his bullshit.

Yeah... Yeah... being unemployed for like ever sucks.  It's depressing.  But you know what sucks more?

Working 2 jobs.  Being tired.  Supporting 3 people with $120-$150 week.  I sacrificed.  I HAVE SACRAFICED!  My son sacrificed.  And Crab sits at home being a free fucking nanny for his good for nothing bitch of a daughter!


I needed to get that out.

I love him.  I do.  We have our good days, weeks, months.  But This week, this is how I feel.

Thank you.


I had no idea that my previous post was pretty much the same subject!  WOW!  Sorry guys.  I must really be struggling with this.  Blog Therapy.  Blog Therapy.


  1. Does he at least clean or fix dinner or do anything around the house at all?!

    1. He's super neat/clean but no he doesn't fix dinner. He just LAYS THERE.

  2. You just can't go through another year like this. He can get a job somewhere...may not be what he wants....but something is available.

    1. Bev129 I agree! At this point I've started training him in Real Estate. I've done all the actual work of establishing a real estate business so he should be able to hit the ground running. But he's been lazy. Super lazy.

    2. AND I had to speak to him about the way he talks to people who call him for a job. He acts like he did them a favor by picking up and answeringquestions. He'll be like "Look Susan. If you have a specific position avialable fine. But I'm not coming to your office just to fill out paperwork for you to put in your files"

      He SERIOUSLY acts like a pompous asshole when recruiters call.