Monday, December 22, 2014

You're my little secret... Xscape circa 1998

You guys are like my best kept secret!  I used to wonder how I would survive without you.  Now I know how difficult it is without an outlet to express myself freely. The anonymous readers, the ones who comment, the lurkers...  You all provide me with a place I can say exactly what I feel without worrying about how my true honest feelings would be perceived.

I remember I went to therapy once and I was still trying to maintain certain images.  Trying not to be perceived as this or that.  With you all I am just me.  Whatever I am thinking.

Last time I let Crab know I was blogging.  It was cool.  He respected the boundary until eventually curiosity got the best of him,  As it would anyone.  If he told me that he had a blog that I couldn't see I'd definitely go on a mission to find it.

This time around I'm telling NO ONE!

So anyway I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for having you all to lay myself out to "warts and all".

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