Tuesday, December 23, 2014


2 deals dead today.

Terrible Day

Deal #1 I saw it happening.  I could see something was wrong.  The really fucked up thing about it is I had both sides of the deal.  That's double commission.  My buyer was using a private lender.  At first things were going well.  Now we're a week away from closing and the lenders haven't been returning calls.  I was getting nervous, the buyer was getting nervous so today I googled the company and the name and here is what I found


This is terrible.  This is 5 FUCKING figures gone!  Gone!  I have an irate seller now and a heartbroken  buyer.

Deal#2 was another 5 figure commission. The sellers took my clients deal even though it was $15000 less.  But my buyers were offering $951,000 on a $999,000 house.  And the sellers took our deal over a $975,000 offer because my buyers don't have a home sale contingency.  I WORKED THE SHIT OUT OF THIS DEAL.  Only thing the sellers asked for was to move the date of the closing up 2 weeks.  My client (well the wife) would not budge!  2 weeks.  2 fucking weeks.  And I'm out $10,000.

VIP took me out for a drink.  He was supposed to have dinner with his in-laws but because I was gut punched twice in a day he was kind enough to tell his inlaws he was going to be late and took me out for some booze!

So at 9:00 I called the seller's agent and told her no dice on date.  She said she'll let me know what happens.

If we can't make a deal I am down a total of $20,000.





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