Saturday, June 15, 2013


I'm so sorry for being such a delinquent.  I've done so much.  Quit my job.  Got my Real Estate license and then... For you old heads that have been with my blog from the beginning... Are you ready for this?  No. There is no way to prepare you for the bomb I'm  about to drop...





Yessss! The MD.  The one I could never resist. Mr Dangerous. Mr Wrong but felt sooooooo right.  Mr BEST I'VE EVER HAD!

It is a very precarious situation to say the least.  It takes so much restraint.  One of the first things he said on my first day was

"What is it with us. It feels like Kismit"

"Yeah... I know..." I told him.

Here's the thing... Well the things...

* Last time I was around him I made sure not to have any emotional connection.  This time, we spend all day together. So we have developed a friendship if you will.

* He's definitely got a drinking problem. He drinks all day long

* I am now in a committed relationship with Crab

* He's MARRIED now.

The tension is real though... Real.... The control I have to exercise is extreme.

And his wife confronted me!


Yes she did....

More later....


  1. First off: I'M GLAD YOU;RE BACK!!!!

    Secondly, what the hell?!

  2. Soo that's where you been! Lol