Thursday, January 17, 2013


So I'm very fortunate not to feel emotional effects of stress so much.



My body deals with stress physically which by the way SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME!  Because stress will kill you!  And if my stress is physical, what is it doing to my body?!?!?  I can't control these stupid sounds.  I can't control my hands peeling.  And honestly I know what the next chapter in this stressed out book is.  Hair.  My hair will fall out.  Not all of it.  patches.  this hasn't happened in a loooooong time but I know it's what's next.

I gotta get a hold of this.  But I don't function well on substances so I don't want anti anxiety meds because I don't want to be high all the time.

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  1. when Im stressed my skin shows it I get splotchy and pimply and starts to peel. ugh! But Ive learned that if i exercise more ( go for a run or brisk walk, take a workout class) it really helps bring my stress levels down... a lot! Maybe getting your heart rate up will help you too.....