Friday, January 4, 2013

Something Smells Rotten in the state of Denmark

OMG!  My ex is a sociopath.  Like really.  He hasn't been diagnosed by anyone with a degree in psychology  but he has been diagnosed by me.  And please know I have googled the fuck out of it.  So basically... I know what I'm talking about.

Usually when I see this dude he doesn't speak to me.  I don't speak to him.  It's a simple exchange of our offspring when he actually follows through with his obligations, which is rarely ever kind of never...  So anyways...  He recently told my son "I don't like your mother".  2 days before Christmas he was supposed to  take Mini for an afternoon so that I could buy Mini's Christmas presents.  As a single mother sometimes Christmas shopping is difficult because your kid is ALWAYS AROUND!  So he said he would and then proceded to blow me off for the entire  afternoon.  Then he calls me around 8:30 pm in his happy jipper voice and said he's close but.... his company Christmas party is that night and he wants to go.  So then he's silent.  And so am I because that was information that I didn't need to know.  So he's like "So......" and I'm like "So..... what? You want me to send him down now?"  And he's like "No.  I just told you my company party is tonight So?"   So I say "We'll meet you out front in 5 minutes."  And I sent Mini with an overnight bag.

Why the fuck would I care about him wanting to go to his company Christmas party?  I could give a flying fuck about his wants and even going a step farther his needs!

Fast forward to yesterday.  With no call to say "Merry Christmas son."  nor a "Happy New Year Son" call he calls me at work.  He has on his stupid ass happy jipper voice and tries to act as if we are friends and he says "I need a favor."  Mmmm Hmmmm... "I need to be out of my apartment in like a week because they want to sell my apartment.  I'm one of the only renters"  Oh really.......... "So if you know of anything or you can help me find something I just would be..." he couldn't even say the word appreciative or grateful because he has no inkling of what those feelings mean.  "And something $800 or less" he says.  Um we live in NJ. You are only going to get a spot in the HOOD for that amount. So you're riding around in a brand new Range Rover but you can only afford Studio rent.  You are such a EFFING GENIUS! So I told him "If I hear of anything I'll let you know". And he says "Yeah because I only have a few days to find a place"

Oh so you waited till the last minute huh?  Cause I know a landlord cant just say... I want to sell this apartment so you have a week to get out.  And didn't January just start so wouldn't you have till the end of the paid month?  Something smells a bit like eviction.  Bet you wish you still had that money you used to take some chick on a week's vacation the Dominican Republic.  Or maybe you can sleep in that Range Rover.  Does it have a kitchen to go with all of the ridiculous TVs? No?  Sigh... too bad.

But anyway.... NOT my problem Sociopathic Wife Beater and emotional abuser!



  1. Your ex sounds like a real winner.

    1. Prime example of fathers needing to teach their daughters about standards and expectations.

  2. Oh he is foul yo! Don't feed into that stuff. Let him do his thing and you do yours.

    1. Oh yeah! A year or two ago I would have caved and felt bad for him. Not anymore !

  3. WOW.....your tolerance level must be more than 100%...