Saturday, January 5, 2013

A little nasty!

Ooooh.... I didn't tell you all just how nasty I was talking on New Years! I can't remember what I said but I can tell you the word hole/holes was used a lot.  And tight. Yeah I said that a lot too ! And.... And... It was particular good because I got the kind of spit (whoa I just got a flashback that made me gasp and shake a little bit) that I love where he lets it go slow (omg I cant! I'm getting butterflies thinking about it! Whew!) and I come up to meet it!  Oh! It was fun talking! And I wore a new outfit. It was a corset in that teal Japanese Sakura fabric with a lace tutu like skirt (it was super short) and fishnet (with the big net. Not the little kind) thigh highs and above the knee boots .

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