Thursday, January 3, 2013

Little New Years Post

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had happy and safe ones.  Crab and I went to my Dad's house and hung out with him and his fiance for New Year's Eve. I swear they have really hit it off.  Crab likes my dad... my dad likes Crab... it's perfect!  I'm sure my dad plans on taking Crab out to the golf course when the weather gets warm which I know Crab would love.  We are planning to go to dinner sometime soon.  Well we got over there and started talking and drinking and eating and watching TV and ended up not leaving until 4:00 in the morning!  I kept saying "Oh Crab I'm sleepy..." and he said "OK we'll go after I finish my drink".  4 drinks a 50 new conversations later I'd be like "Oh Crab I'm sleepy" and again he's say "OK.  We'll leave after I finish my drink!  This went on until 4am!

The next night we went to my mother's for dinner.  We only stayed there for like 2 hours.  But it was just as enjoyable.  They both really like him!  Of course the difference is my mother seemed to try and tell him every embarrassing thing she could think of about me.  I'm weird.....  I put a hot dog in my purse when I was 5...  Yeah it happened.  Somebody gave me a hot dog   I didn't want it.  I put it in my little silver purse.  Which I then put in the toy-box   For years.  Yeah it happened ONCE.  But of course she made it seem like I was always walking around with hot dogs in my purse.  But it really didn't make a difference because he already know I'm weird from his own observation so....

So that was my little New Years...


  1. I'm so happy that your dad gets along with Crab!! That's gotta be a great feeling to have both your parents see in him what you do. Also, L O L on that hotdog story!!! That's the cutest/grossest thing ever!! That's the kind of stuff parents wish their kids will do JUST so they can share it with their future loves!

    1. Omg it is so Exciting because I know the are so many great things ahead! And the hot dog story was just one of the gems she told!