Saturday, December 29, 2012

Blah blah blah

Hey! I hope you all had a great holiday. Mine was nice. Just chilled at home. Cooked for me Mini and Crab.

I told Crab about how I posted about love and how amazing it was and he was like "Remember how you used to say how that kind of  love wasn't real?" I do remember. And I was thinking of how  counterproductive it is to put that negative energy out. Especially to the one you want. I was lucky enough to run into someone with the  strength and patience to want to change my mind.  But a lot of people probably would have taken that negative energy and decided not to try with me. 

On another note, Homeboy called while I was with Crab yesterday. I showed Crab who was calling first then I answered the phone. It went something like this.

M: Hello
H: Hey. What are you doing?
M: Nothing. I'm at Crab's house.
H: Why are you there?!
M: Because he's my boyfriend and we're watching tv....
H: He's  your boyfriend now? When did this happen?
M: I don't know. It just happened. I can't tell you a date or anything.
H: Wow! He finally got some sense huh? Can you talk?
M: yeah.

So we commenced to talking about Christmas and work...

H: Back to Crab being your boyfriend. When did this happen?
M: I don't know. It just morphed into it I guess.
H: I'm just really surprised. I never thought it would happen.
M: Why? I'm a good woman.
H: No. I know you are. I just...  I just didn't think that's what you wanted.
M: I wasn't going to be single forever.
H: Yeah I know. Well congratulations. I'm happy for you.

So we talked a little more.

When I hung up I told Crab I talked to him to show him he wasn't a factor. That there was no reason for me not to be able to have a conversation with him.  Crab agreed. I also pointed out to Crab that even though I hadn't talked to Homeboy in forever he was still like "Why are you over there?!" That's something Crab always questioned me about. How could Homeboy get upset about things if we weren't in a relationship. He felt it just didn't add up. But yesterday he got to see that he does. There's no explanation for it.  He always thought that the way homeboy used to get jealous seemed like Homeboy and I had more of a sexual relationship than I admitted to. Now he sees that's not true. He just acts jealous because that's what he does. Means nothing.  I'm glad I could show him this. It's always a point of contention between us.  And it always bothered me that Crab thought I wasnt being honest.  So i feel a tad bit vindicated.

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