Saturday, September 22, 2012


Hey Y'all!

So last night Mini left to go with his dad for the weekend and I went to Crab's for a little bit of R&R.

First Porn...  I went through some of the movies that I haven't watched  yet.  I must have scanned through about 10 or 12.  Scanning... scanning... scanning...  I just could find anything I liked.  So Crab walks in the room and I say...

Where's the one with the monkey?

He laughed and then said "You are such a sicko"

And we laaaaaauuuuughed!

 Don't get me wrong though.  The monkey is not involved.  It's just in the room.  But there is like a red wine water torture part and guns in mouths.  Love Love Love it.  It's part of Nacho Vidal's Back 2 Evil series.  It's called Jealous Monkey.  My all time favorite scene is next with Belladonna on Angel Collectors. That's my favorite of all time.  Angel Collector. Yeah that's my fave.

Anyway so after watching a little porn for a while you know we did what we do ;) then we started watching some movie called Kingdom.

It was good but it was really late and I started falling asleep which Crab hates!

C:  I'm not putting the movie in if you're gonna fall asleep. (Mind you this is said before every movie)
M: I'm noooot.  Just put it in
C: No really because this is a good movie and it'll be pointless if you fall asleep.
M: I'm not gonna fall asleep

10 minutes later

C:  Are you sleeping?
M: No!  The dude just said that the other dude was about to call that chic and then they went to the store... I'm awake!

 5 minutes later

C: You're sleeping!  I'm looking at your eyes!
M: No i'm not.  Shut up!  I'm trying to follow this.

5 minutes later

C: You understand that part?  What she just did right there?
M (delirious) Yeah.... is this whole movie gonna be in subtitles?
C: What are you talking about? It's not even in subtitles.... smh....
M: (delirious) oh nothing... nothing....

So yes this is basically what happened last night.  This morning I woke up went home. and i'm waiting for a one Sir Crab to re wake up so we can re-watch the movie (which is what always happens)


  1. Lol I fall asleep on movies all the time. I was in the theater earlier this week and dozed off. It's awful, I hate doing that

    1. yeah Theaters are guaranteed nap spots for me. Light down, Me sleep.