Friday, September 21, 2012

Better Update (Thanks CeCe)

CeCe....  Thanks for giving me something to write about!  I guess I was out of practice!

Well, I remember one day I was at Crab's house and his phone rang.  He picked it up and
I guess the person on the other line asked what he was doing and he said 

"Nothing.  Just sitting here talking to my girlfriend"

BOOM!  There it was!  final confirmation.  

I think it came from him being confronted with me seeing Homeboy twice a week when Mini was taking boxing.  There was one day Homeboy got all bent out of shape when he saw Crab's picture on the background screen on my phone.  He was all "I want to punch him in the face."  Crab was all "I want to knock him out"  I was all "Neither one of you want to be with me so..."  I guess this was about the time Crab decided to make things official.  I remember it being a big deal that I tell homeboy that Crab and I were committed. I did.  Homeboy and I had a talk.  He said that he could never get past the point that he felt I was in love with Crab.  Valid point...  He still calls every now and then though.

On another note, I have been getting some financial things in order! YAAAAAY! The smallest so far has been paying off my car.  Finally!  Finally!  Finally!  Freedom from the car note.

Now.  This one is two fold.  I had 5 years of taxes to file.  But wait!  Wait! I know it sounds crazy! There was a method to my non-taxfiling madness!  I had student loan issues.  So I didn't file because any refund would just be going right back to the government.  So....  I was always trying to get out of default with that 9 month payment plan but I'll tell you, every time I was on like my 7th or 8th month disaster would hit and I'd fuck up! I'm actually pretty sure some type of disaster tried to hit this time.  But uh uh I was not letting ANYTHING get in my way this time.  I think this time, I ended up having to send Mini to NC for 3 weeks because I couldn't find childcare for the few weeks between the end of camp and the beginning of school, and then, on top of that I stopped getting child support.  But oh HELL NO!  I think I might have borrowed the money from my parents (which I HATE doing because I HATE asking for money).  But I was not gonna let it anything get in my way this time.  And I did it!

So when I got my congrats letter and confirmation from Sally Mae, I headed over to see Cat Daddy.  He's a CPA.  His clients are entertainers so I'm sure doing my taxes would be a cinch.  So he did my taxes.  All 5 years and I have a nice 5 digit return on the way!!!!!

My next project is a vacation.  I want to take Mini on vacation.  I think I have a fear of traveling.   But Mini wants to go to Universal Studios. So i'm taking him.  But I'm not going to tell him when.  I'm going to do the whole telling him on the way to the airport thing.  That should be fun.

Anyway.  There is a little bit of a better update for you guys!


  1. You're welcome. And yes, this was a much better update!

    Nothing works better at pinning down a man than letting him know you're not his unless he specifically requests it. However you made that work good for you.

    Glad you got your finances back on track, here's hoping you can keep it that way.

    I just love happy posts where things are working out for the good.

  2. Love this post!

    What is it about when a man thinks another is invading his "stuff" that he gets all "I wanna be your man and its just us". LOL

    I'm so happy you're working your financials. Good job girl! I love reading all this positivity!

  3. Pops in with a YAY!! and a *big smile* :D!!