Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yeah so....

Well Homeboy and I had a little talk.

And this is what I came away with which gives me more respect for him (not that there was a lack of respect to begin with but more)

He likes me.  Even loves me.  He feels I'm perfect for him and we would be perfect together.


He is not ready for a serious relationship.  And knowing how perfect we would be together he'd rather not start anything he doesn't feel ready for and mess up.  That includes having a physical thing with me.  He doesn't even want to take it anywhere until he's ready to be serious with me.  This reminded me of a time I was all

M: "Homeboy!  Why don't we just be together?!?!?"

H: "Because what if we get together and I'm not good at being a boyfriend."

M: "What?!?!"


Until I'm not in love with Crab.

So that's all fair.  Obviously he sees my heart is not really available.

After this you'd think it was concluded right?

No.  Because after telling this to a friend she came up with the next mystery.

"Why isn't he ready?"

Oh......... I don't know.....

On un autre note

He called me last night and I was all

"Homeboooooy, it's you're birthday tomorrow!"

And he says "Really? Tomorrow's my birthday?"

And I was all "Yaaaaaay!  Today's your birthday! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I suck for forgetting!

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  1. hmmmm...well... its nice to know that he cares for you. Its nice to hear someone say how they feel about you. Its even respectful that he can honestly say he is not ready and would prefer not to start anything and put on you since you are not really available. I dont want to be the rainer on the parade but where is the elaboration on the not being ready part. Im just saying.

    however I did enjoy the conclusion - yeah you suck for not remembering. LOL