Thursday, June 21, 2012

Keep your ass home


I gotta get out.  I have been out since the last time I was out and that was a whiiiiiiiiile ago.  But I can't really justify it right now.  Money is SUPER tight and I just cant see myself spending money on anything that isn't absolutely necessary.  And when I see people do this this it annoys THE FUCK out of me.  I mean who am I to tell people what they can and can't do with their money.  But if you call me all strapped for cash for gas and food and then the next day tell me about how you went out I take offense.  Because I'm STRUGGLING right now.

My weekly hairdo- GONE
My weekly Mani Pedi - GONE
My weekly/biweekly as needed eyebrow threading - GONE
Going out (even to have men buy me drinks) - GONE

No new shoes

No new outfits

None of my favorite lipgloss


I spend my money on gas and taking care of home




And I give you money and you hop your ass out to the nearest bar/lounge/club while I spend another night at home with cup full of Kool-Aid?!?!?!

I swear my BF Sis is gonna ask me for money (She gives me $ too so I'm not complaining about that) and then she's gonna be at someone's bar or club tonight. I GUA-RAN-TEE.


Maybe I'm just being a hater...


  1. Girl I feel you on this one. It's been some months since I bought ANY clothes or shoes. I buy food, gas, and pay bills. That's about it. And it is frustrating to see people who don't prioritize their money then complain about it.

  2. I with you on the strapped for cash but thankfully I am living at home so there is a piece of something. My mother always tells me to do something for myself because its necessary for my sanity. I do try to get out with my girls once or twice a month. I generally have no business spending that money but shit I sacrifce hair, pedi, shoes and a number of other things to have that moment out. Not too mention every now and then I have to check and make sure that my mojo is still functioning. The last few times i went out it was lucky and sponsored by some nice man that enjoyed my conversation while he stared at my tits and legs. mutually beneficial.

    1. Well living with your mom definitely affords you a little more wiggle room. And you know mom's not gonna let you starve! But I'm the mom so I gotta be the one not letting folks starve. Cause if it was up to me I'd just drink juice for dinner. But one of the first things in the mom handbook was that you have to feed them three times a day often with snacks in between. It said don't skip that step. So....