Friday, June 15, 2012

The Hood... down there

Ugh.  I'm getting tired again.  I was going for iron IV once a week but then my hemoglobin got up to 13 which is good so they gave me three months off.  But I'm not assertive enough to say "Hey 3 months is too long for me to go without getting iron."  By three months I will have no iron in my system at all.  So now I'm feeling the effects and it's only been 1 month. My eyes are sore I always feel like I JUST woke up.  That sucks!  What if I get some cucumbers from the salad bar at lunch and then sit at my desk with my head back and cucumbers on my eyes.

Then my life in general is hectic.  My evenings are draining and how do you drain something that's already drained?

In other news....

I'm sexually frustrated.  Seriously frustrated.

Like really really frustrated.

It's that time of year that I like to GET IT ALL THE TIME.  And I ain't gettin it none of the time.

I've thrown out a couple of hints but

Either he dont know, don't show, or don't care about what's going on in the hood... down there

I'm the man in this sexual relationship when it comes to... well no.. cause I take care of my business on his end... 4 to 5 times a week...



  1. Are you chronically anemic? I am and I feel like i've just woke up all the time. I may need to follow your lead and get the iron iv. My hair sheds alot.....girl its awful!

    1. I am. You should definitely get your hemoglobin checked if you are feeling tired like that. Its a very hard way to live! Right?! You don't want it to get too low because you don't want to need a blood transfusion. I had to get one last summer and stay in the hospital for a week. The iron takes weeks to really make a change but you will feel AND LOOK a lot better. I know when my iron is low I look sick@

    2. The shedding.... omg... yeeeessssss.....

    3. Its difficult to live and my boyfriend does not understand why I can sleep way pass the normal 8 hours... and my skin breaks out too. I'm trying to manage it by taking iron pills, but I need something more. Thank you! xoxo

    4. It really is. I always push myself to do so much because i'm scared some one is gonna think i'm lazy. Luckily Crab not only understanding but pushes me to recognize when I need to rest. I didn't realize that could be the cause of my breakouts! Iron pills dont work for me at all. If you dont need referrals for your insurance carrier try going straight to a hemotologist. They will fix you right up!

  2. I'm chronically anemic as well... So was my mom. It's terrible, and I've been making do with iron pills, but an iron IV sounds like it might be up my alley. I should look into that.

    Is the lack of sex due to you guys hitting that couple routine? Like, do you guys just sleep in bed together now like a married couple? That's the one thing I hate about serious relationships. Sooner or later, you always hit that level of comfort where the sex dies down and when you go to bed, you do just that. Rabbit and I hit that a while ago, but I don't even mind right now 'cause I am HUGE, girl. HUGE. I'd rather him not rest his hand on my gut anyway. I need to get this under control and then I'll go back to being a sex kitten. Right now I'm just a moo cow.

    1. Laki the IV is really good. I don't absorb iron at all through food or pills so I have no choice but the IV.

      Um yesterday right before I read your comment I told him "You get off really easy don't think it goes unnoticed." He said, "I'm easy I cum and that's it. You don't always cum and then you want a big O then you get a little O and get mad and it's so complicated." I told him It doesn't matter. I just want an O at this point!

      Well the body thing is one reason I don't press the sex thing. It makes me uncomfortable when he touches me during and I'm screaming on the inside like "Noooooo don't touch my spare tire!" I have loosey goosey ness from massive weightloss that I can't get rid of without surgery. I'm tiny in a big girl body. It make me stand offish in the sex dept which is which I prefer just some mutual stimulation type deal.

    2. I'm exactly like you right now in the sex dept. I'm ok with going every other week without just because of this gut. I'm find with most of my body, but there's just no getting around this gut. And when Rabbit's hands get anywhere near it, I start freaking out inside. I'm trying once again to get it under control 'cause I don't want us to hit a real rut.