Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Homeboy Quickie

Oh... I stopped talking to Homeboy.  Well I stopped calling and texting him.  I still see him at the gym.  But I try not to give too much convo.  Last time I saw him I told him Crab and I are exclusive.  I don't ignore him completely though because that would be childish.  I have nothing against him.  He's a sweetheart.

He still calls every now and then.

A few days ago he called to tell me he's thinking about buying an apartment in my building.

I told him not to. (for a few reasons)

Yesterday he called to tell me he needs to tell me something

Then he said he'd call back when he finished eating.

I think he wants me to pay him attention.

I can't though.

I can't


  1. Um yeah, that's exactly what it sounds like...he just wants some attention. Men think we don't notice when they are seeking attention lol.

    1. say that Poppy. Sometimes they are so predictable. smh.