Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Get Right

Yes Yes Day 9 is coming... Another picture... Geesh! Killing me

Anyway.  I've decided I gotta get 100% right with what I'm doing.  First of all, I've been very gray area like with Homeboy.  I play games to keep things open if...  that's not right.

 So I'm gonna keep it 100% with him and really say...

"OK cool.  Listen we are gonna stop playing this game.  You play games with me, I play games with you, but now games over.  At least on my end.  I'm finished and not because you frustrate me, it's because I have a relationship with Crab which I think you could probably tell."

This is something that Crab had a problem with.  The reasons I would give Homeboy for not being with him.  He knew I would tell Homeboy that i he (Homeboy) just doesn't do right by me. But what he wanted was for me to tell Homeboy that I couldn't be with him because I 'm with Crab.  But, I was like "Whatever. I said something and that's enough."

But I realize now it's not enough.   Because without the truth we keep slipping in and out of "talking".  So at this point I am doing what most of us women hate about men.  I play both sides of the fence.   So my new reason for not dealing with other people is because I'm in a relationship. Which is something I need to tell other dude too. (This dude from highschool that has been trying to get at me)  Mostly I just avoid him and tell him I'm busy because he's definitely my type so I don't want to get into any sticky situations because AS WE KNOW I tend to get myself into sticky situations.

One thing I can say is that Crab LOVES ME!  He loves me all Jill Scott Especially Different like. And I FEEL it.  And I'm gonna let him!

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