Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 8 Somewhere I've traveled and somewhere I want to Travel

Somewhere I've traveled


No where special.  I went to Jamaica once as a child.
Other than that I've just been up and down the east coast and to St. Louis to visit my brother.  When I was little we used to go on vacation with 2 other families every summer and I really can't say where the destinations were.  They were always HEAVILY educational trips.  And then on the way back we always spent at least one night at Baltimore Harbor before heading back to NJ.

Although we hated all of the educational tours we took these trips were so fun! There were 6 kids total (remember Buddha from my first loves, he was one). We ALWAYS stayed in an Embassy Suites and in the morning we would go have the free breakfast and the adults would say "Bulk up because this is it until dinner!"  Then at night we'd always go to a good restaurant.  Then we'd all get put into one hotel room and our parents would go to the bar and drink and we'd just have fun.  I appreciate those trips! Memories.  

I always look at Mini when we're doing special things and think "I'm making his memories!" and that makes me feel good!

I can't really say where I want to go.  But this weekend I was with my friend Sweetie and we decided to do the same with our boys.  So sometime this summer we will take a trip to DC and Baltimore Harbor with the boys!  I've already done Disney with Mini and I personally don't think it's something I would want to do repeatedly.  I think I want him to see lots of different cities, museums, stuff you know?  So as far as travel, I just want to take my son all over!

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