Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 10 something I'm afraid of

Ok My bad I gotta catch up for yall I'm sorry.

Something I'm afraid of

I think it's pretty much the same thing as most parent.  I'm afraid of something happening to my son.  I want him to live a long healthy life.

The other day we were walking and I switched him to the inside of the sidewalk and he says...

You did that so that I wouldn't get hit by a car?

M: Yeah.  If a car jumped the curb I'd want it to hit me before it hits you

But then you'll die :(

So I explained to him how I'd lived so much of my life already and he has a lot more living to do than me.  But a car is ptobably not going to jump the curb and hit either of us but just in case I want to make sure he still gets to do all thing things I've already gotten to do.

On the news the other day I saw a video where a woman was walking into a store with her 4 year old daughter and is attacked and she runs.  WITHOUT her daughter.  could never be me.  Never.

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  1. I saw that on the news not too along ago as well. It was kind of scary to think that someone would be able to do that. In the moment do you reallyonly think of yourself before your kid. I do not have any kids but I am the single greatest auntie ever. I just dont understand how I can feel that but in the moment I guess anything is possible.