Friday, January 6, 2012

What Floats Your Boat

So apparently Mos Def is into slapping and spitting in his wife's mouth during sex.   These bitches on twitter are all "its so disgusting blah blah sick, blah blah sadistic".  I want to say something but of course I'm not gonna be all on twitter exposing myself.

Whatever. They have no idea.  I love that shit.  I wonder if I could be without it totally. I wonder if I married a man who didn't or wouldn't do it if I would always yearn for it.  There are things I've given up that I still want every now and then.
Both are things I always want.  I was never addicted to coke though.  But I have a craving for it every now and then.  You know how you have a taste for something.  There are times I have a taste for some coke.

Cigarettes are a hard one. I really want one.  I fall off that wagon often. Then I will stop again.  But its always for a specific reason. Never because I said ok I'm not gonna smoke anymore. Its usually for a man or pregnancy or hospitalization.

So I imagine I would crave a spit here and there or a slap every now and again. I wonder how hard it would be to convince someone to do that.  I think id probably give them a little smack first , chuckle and then kiss them really deep before they had a chance to say something about me smacking them. That way they can see how good the shock factor of it is and understand the appeal of it.

How though would one introduce spitting?  That's a hard one cause I think the spitting is kind of way left for some people. Maybe you could say how good they taste and then say spit in my mouth?  Cause that's turning it into something pleasing.  They know their spit taste good so they want to share it.  I love Crabs spit.

But for say Homeboy, he was appauled at the girl asking him to choke her. Lots of people are into a little choking that's not odd. So his sex must be very basic.  He was all "I mean I'm freaky and all but..." so what's freaky to him?  What do people consider freaky? Like whipped cream and all that shit to me is not freaky.  That's like... say in comparison to fine cuisine that's... Olive Garden, Applebees of freakosity.

But Crab teaches me not to judge peoples preferences.  What turns one person on might not do it for another person.  And what one person considers freaky another person doesnt.  And there's nothing wrong with me liking what I like.  I'm not a slut or skankish.  I don't mess with loys of different men. I just like different things.  That's all!

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