Sunday, January 8, 2012

Last night....

So last night I went out.  I've been rolling solo a lot lately. I went to the bar that has the strip spot in the back.  There we're no seats upfront in the regular bar area so I went back to the strip part.  I was sitting down and a dude come over and says "you dancing tonight or just chilling". I explain I'm not a dancer he says oh and keeps it moving.  Then another dude comes over.  "So when are you getting on stage."  Again I explain I'm not a stripper I'm just having a drink.  He then asks can he drink with me.  I said sure you can buy me a drink.  He says "I can buy you a drink?  Well if I buy you a drink can I come home with you?" No "if I buy you a drink will you come home with me?" No

So I decided to go sit back up front.  Two dudes sit next to me. "I'm wondering do you work here? I mean like do you dance?"  No "oh good cause you don't need to to dance if you do.  You know..."  well I don't.

A photographer comes over. "Can I get a picture of you?" Sure.  He snaps a photo then leans over and tells me I'm beautiful and he's having a photoshoot the next day and tells me an address... <_< oh yeah?  So then the guys asks me for a picture with them.  Ok. Snap. Can you put your arm around me? Sigh.... snap.  While my arm is around this dude for the pic the dude on the other side of him strokes me hand.  Whoa whoa whoa dude.  Uh uh!  Then next dude is all "can you take a picture with me but standing up?"  BIG SIGH. Dude what do you think this is?  Ok come on...  I stand and pose.  Snap.  "Alright now drop it like its hot". Alright dude you are getting out of hand.  I see police lights outside so I think I should get going now while the police are around so I don't have to worry walking to my car.  I walk around the corner to my car and a car follows me rolls the window down and says I shouldn't have parked over there it was too dark and dangerous.  I thank them for their concern get in lock the doors and go to another strip spot. 

So I walk in.  This place is white girls.  They really don't work hard. They just sway side to side with bikinis on.  There's like one black dude in the place who keeps throwing up gang signs and yelling Blood calls.  I see him tell the bartender to move his drinks over to the seat next to me.


He keeps saying... "Question.  Why are you so sexy?"
So dude is silly as shit.  We're talking he's telling me he has a daughter and then BOOM. Dude starts crying.  For about a good three minutes.  Crying about his daughter being such a blessing.  So he is kind of in his own word while he's crying then BOOM. He snaps out of it.  Then a couple minutes later... crying again.  This time because he needs someone to love him, his father had 3 strokes and he doesn't know what the fuck he's supposed to do.  So that lasts a couple of minutes again.  I eventually excuse myself to the restroom. When I come out the bar is closing down and I leave out I get in the car call Crab cause I wanna go to his house. 

I go to his house we talk.  I'm sitting there talking to him and then


A huge grin comes on my face and I'm immediately turned on.

So I pull up his sweater and start unbuttoning his pants. I immediately go in!  I'm going crazy on it.  He's talking to me just the way I like.  Telling me I'm a nasty bitch.  An animal.  I'm loving it. Loving it!  I pull my head up and pull him towards me. "What?" He says "spit" I tell him and open my mouth. He leans forward and spits in my mouth and then I kiss him. He is such a good kisser.  Perfect kisser.  Mmmmmm.... so anyway... I go back at it.  Every  now and then he'd say "come here" and I would open my mouth.  He spit different this time.  He let it drip slow and I would catch it.  Sometimes id let it just fall into my mouth.  Other times I would come up and meet it with my tongue.  I must have gotten slapped a good 4 or 5 times He's telling me how I was born to suck dick.  No one has ever sucked his dick as good as me.  And of course... I'm loving it.  he also would tell me I was being a good girl.  And touch my face gently.  I love that too! He asks me if I want him to fuck me.  I tell him yes and he gets up.  He walks to the closet and gets the collar.  I put it on and take off my pants I crawl over to him and hand him the leash.  I suck his dick somemore while he's standing and I'm knealing in front of him reaching up to his chest. Y'all know what chest I'm talking about now!  So he's using the leash to pull my head back and forth on his dick.

So I lay down and we fucked.  He was really putting a lot into it.  It felt good to have him inside of me.  We don't do that often.  He took a little bit of a break and I sucked him some more.  I told him to fuck my mouth and he asked me where I wanted him to cum.  I told him on my mouth and he said I want to see you lick it up.  So then he tells me to lay down again and he gives it to me again. Hard.  I tried to take it like a big girl and I think I did a good job. 

Here's the best part.  When we finished he we cuddled.  Kissed.  Watched a movie. Talked.  Watched love and hip hop.  All while wrapped up together.  We finally went to sleep at 7am.  I didn't sleep well and I kept coughing.  I didn't want to wake him so I left around 9.  By the time I got home he called and asked why I left like that.  I told him because I was coughing and didn't want to disturb his sleep. We hung up and both went back to sleep.  At 3, I picked up lunch and we ate.  It was pure perfection.


  1. I'll say it. I love reading your posts. You always got my jaw dropped. I'm finding out more and more that Rabbit likes to slap, and I don't think I mind it too much anymore, especially if I've been drinking, but.... I'm kinda happy he hasn't tried spitting. And a leash?? I'm so vanilla compared to you!!

  2. YAAAAAAAAAY. YES. LIKE IT LOVE IT! Its good to explore. I never would have guessed that I liked any of this. I'm a do anything once twice three times kind of girl though. So after the first spit I was hooked!