Monday, January 9, 2012


Okay.  This may sound weird.  I'm feeling this strange feeling.  You know when you breakup with someone. Or someone hurts you and you feel that hole in your chest feeling? 

I'm feeling something like that, just its the opposite of that.  This is scary.  I feel this warm feeling in the middle of my chest!  Like if you opened up my chest you would find a smiling cartoon sun with shades on and a New Orleans accent.  And I just want to be over there.  I want to lay around with him all day.  I want to be near him.  I want more of those hugs and kisses I got Saturday.  This is the thing I'm scared of but instead of trying to reverse it this time I just want to let it be what it is.  I want to wake him up.  I just want to hear him and see him and be near him. I think I might be able to let myself love him on a different level.

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