Monday, January 16, 2012

A Visitor!

I'm excited! My friend Smooth is on his way over.  He's a trucker and he's all over the country.  I met him on twitter and he's grown to be like a little brother to me. 

Since he's always on the road I cooked for him so he can have a home cooked meal.  We'll just eat and kick it for a while.  I'm very excited to see him though!

Another person isn't excited in the least.  But unbeknowst to him he has forfeited all rights to all things Diana related. So... oh well.

Smooth is from Las Vegas.  I appreciate him stopping by to see me since he's in the tristate area. (CT, NY, NJ).  He made a delivery in CT and he'll stop by tonight on his way to PA. 

I also had a friend come see me the Saturday before the surgery.  My friend Writer came to see me and we went to my favorite restaurant for sushi.  He's on the other side of the world (Queens NY).  Getting anywhere from Queens sucks. It took 2 hours transit time just to get here!

Mini is so excited to see Smooth that he's acting up! Running all over the place.  Hiding.  Then going to the door every five minutes!

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  1. I'm glad your spirits seem more up now! Continue to rest and not stress!

    I tagged you on my blog. Come check it out.