Monday, December 19, 2011

Sippin on Some Truth Sizzurp


Honestly people..
I'mma be100% right now.  I don't think I've been being honest with myself therefor in turn you have not gotten honesty.

I want Homeboy to do right so bad!  OMG you guys.... (I'm whining just so you know)

UCB said her boyfriend did the same stuff that drives me insane about Homeboy.  The not calling or texting back thing drives me insane.  It's only been a week since we've been talking again right?  But he needs to at least start off right!  So I say after Christmas it's time to say,


Granted he hasn't had any of his mysterious headaches this time.  But still.  He never called back last night.  I'm not calling his ass...

He's mad cute yo! He is...
 I need to stop glancing at the GD phone!  I keep looking at my desk phone like... "Ahem! Ahem!...  Ring Mutha effer... RING!"


  1. We can tell from your posts that you really like him. :) If you didn't you wouldn't care how he acted as long he met whatever need you had at that moment. Since you do like him you want his concern and attention and there is nothing wrong with admitting that. But yeah you have to bite the bullet and tell him what you need from him especially if this the 2nd go round.

  2. OMG GP... you could tell... I'm good at suppressing so I was all...

    "Pst... Homeboy? Whatevs.."

    but I guess I was really like

  3. My mom's best friend is sooo outspoken. Not in an embarrasing way like 'oh lawd why did she say that?' but just very clear about what was on her mind and what she wanted. She used to tell me that if she didn't state/ask for what she wanted the only person she could be mad at when she didn't get it was herself.

  4. @Mia you have a great point. I have never been the type to speak up. I'm the one person who'd rather suffer in silence than speak up and seem like a nudge nag or complainer.

    I'm gonna read your comment again and work on becoming more of a squeeky wheel. Politely squeeky

  5. No no no! You don't wait until Christmas!! You do it now. You should've done it a week ago. The thing to do is let him know ASAP that you expect things to be different, and if they aren't, you won't be hanging around.
    You just have to have the strength to walk away if he doesn't get better. After all, if you don't let him know being flaky is NOT an option, he'll never stop.
    Plus, you don't want to be with him or even waste your time texting or talking to him if he's only going to keep wasting your time.
    The engagement ring on my finger from a man who couldn't commit tells me I'm right. If he's possibly the right guy for you, he needs to know acting up isn't an option.

  6. Oh My gosh! CeCe! The urgency in your post! I love it! I do! Hmmmm.... Ok.... Lets see... I would really like to relay the message face to face being that he hasn't seen me in about a year! I told him to meet me the other night (Monday) but he was all "I'm at the gym" so... I will attempt to have another meeting so I can give him the eye. I have an "eye" you know. Men hate it beause it's very sad puppy but they love it at the same time. It is like @_@ "You're getting sleeeeepy" Then I'll be like "If you want All'a dis.... you gotta do boom boom and boom." In better words of course!