Sunday, December 18, 2011


So I text Homeboy
We should go to lunch today

No response.  This was around 9:30 this morning.

Around 1:00 I text
You're the worst!

Ring ring ring....
H:  Give me chance!
M: Whatever Homeboy.  I'm trying to! You never answer me till like 9 at night!
H: What are you talking about! I've been in the gym.
M: Oh okay.. yeah take care of that body baby.
H: (laughs)
M:  But you didn't text me back till late last night!
H: And I text you that I had a long day... Yes!  Interception!  What are you doing?
M:  Driving
Long silence.
H: Hold on a second...  umm. I'm gonna call you right back.
M: Yeah right Homeboy.
H: I am.  I promise.

5 hours later

I wish I didn't like his ass! Lol!


  1. My boyfriend did that all the time back when we were friends and it annoyed me to no end. I don't know what it is about some guys who do that. I still haven't figured it out so I can't even offer any advice..

  2. Ok. So knowing you... I totally trust your judgement. So this does not have to be a deal breaker? You know I'm super sensitive to even the possibility of rejection. Relax huh? Not rejection just stupid man stuff?

  3. Did he say interception during your call? Girl there were some crucial football games yesterday from what I understand, and dudes all over the land were preoccupied and trippin.

  4. @GP yup. He's a football fanatic. So I know he was very preoccupied.
    It was more like...
    "Whew! Yes!"
    "Homboy! What was that!?"
    "An interception uh... uh.. what are you doing?"

  5. Um, he's a grown ass man, right? Am I missing the reason he's incapable of saying 'I'm watching football and I'll talk to you later'? I love football with the passion of a thousand suns (and yeah there were some mighty impt games on this past Sunday) but I can take a second to tell someone 'I'ma have to talk to you later'.