Sunday, December 18, 2011

Get off me yo!

I am trying not to continue the vicious cycle of raising a child that feels rejected.  I try to give Mini affection often but...


He is always touching me rubbing me.  Looking at me with puppy dog eyes and saying "kiss?"  Or "hug?"

IT GETS ON MY DAMN NERVES!  His dirty little kid fingers are always all over me.  If I give us a foot of space he is either gonna

A: slowly creep over little by teeny little until BOOM he's on right on me


B: Lean his body over until he's damn near laying in my lap

Sometimes I let him but sometimes I tell him to stop touching me stop touching me stop touching me.  I don't want to be mean but to me someone constantly touching me is like locking me in a coffin with 100 torantulas.

See!?  No y'all couldn't see.  He just perched himself to GET ON ME.  Not near me.  Not next to me. ON. ME.
I yelled DUDE NO!
Now he's crying. 
For real... I give him affection but he's just MAD EXTRA with it.  I try to keep a happy medium. But he just makes it an annoying double XL.


  1. I use to be so annoyed with my daughter when she would be all up under me......all up under me....I couldn't take a shit, bath, shower, sleep,cook, do homework, talk on the phone, write....without her being ALL UP UNDER ME ...right there... ALLLLL THE TIME . she out grew I miss the closeness because she likes to go off and play, I have to chase her down for hugs and kisses.... go figure. Soon enough mini will be older and all the affection will shut down ...enjoy it and try as hard as possible not to be too annoyed lol

  2. When I read this all I could think about was, Aaawww, I WISH I had a cute little baby boy who loved me like that!!! Of course, I don't, so I don't know what it's like to deal with that all the time. I know I can get irritated when I have someone following me around too much, and I'm sure that feeling's gotta be amplified when it's a kid who lives with you that you can't get away from. But still, though; Aawwww!! :)

  3. @Diamond. I try and tell myself that. But he's seven and everytime I bend down to hug him he'll lift one leg and wrap it around me ever so inappropriately. Its weird.

    @Laki he stands so close to me there have been times I have almost bust my ass tripping over him because he'll be directly behind me and I don't know. I was just in the bathroom and he just opens the door and smiles. What?! Leave me alooooone!

  4. Aw lol I can see both sides of that coin. They grow up fast, though, and before you know it he won't wanna hug on you nearly as much. Make a game out of it. My daughter is quite the talker. I used to think I would go outta my mind sometimes if she wouldn't just gimme a few mins of silence. We started playing the quiet game. Girl, yasss! Worked like a charm. Still does from time to time! :)