Saturday, December 17, 2011


Welp.  Haven't spoken to the Crabby Crabster yet today. Its almost 3.  I was texting with his daughter Flip last night.    I like her.  She's a good girl for the most part.  She reminds me a lot of myself.  She unique. 

But most of last night I spent on the phone with Homeboy.  I might let him come over...

Jump forward 7:33. I was buggin earlier.  I am not letting Homeboy come over!

So I've talked to Crab but not Homeboy.  Crab called while we were at basketball practice. 

** Sidebar**  Mini is a real spaz compared to the other kids.  Its kind of embarassing. Not kind of... it is. And he will stand off to himself and dance and spin...

So me and Crab were talking about me and how I don't really have girl friends that I talk to everyday.  I told him Mz. P was that friend and now I don't really have a friend like that.  He said he thinks that I just miss having a girlfriend to talk to everyday but not her because what was there to miss about her.  We also talked about this dude Smooth I'm friends with.  He said he thought it was so strange how he and I talked a lot and he thought Smoothwas probably trying to get with me.  I told him Smooth used to flirt until I just kept shutting him down and telling him not to waste his breathe kicking his game to me.  Now we are really good platonic friends. He seems skeptical though.

I texted Homeboy today.  No answer.  Several hours later I called. No answer. Hmph not surprised.  And y'all don't be surprised when I tell you in May that Homeboy called and acted like it hasn't been five months...

Let's see though.  Who knows.  He might suprise me.

Probably won't though...

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  1. Girl, they are so good about inconsistently consistent. LOL