Friday, December 16, 2011

A "friend" of mine said she likes...

Sigh okay... where shall we start today...

Crab because there isn't much.  We had a halfway deep convo where I was telling him that I don't try and manipulate him. He swears I do.  For my newer folks.... I'm manipulative.  Point blank. No need to elaborate at the moment.  So I was telling him how I consider my feelings and our relationship and how I deal with him to be very pure and untainted.  I told him I have no hopes dreams expectations for us.  If we progress great.  But I enjoy us and don't constantly hope for more from him. But I do want more sometimes but I'm not always trying to get to a place with him. I enjoy us most of the time. So I have no need to try and manipulate him.

Homeboy called tonight. We sat on the phone for maybe an hour and a half.  I was like..

M: Omg let me ask you something.  I have a friend but for the sake of the question let's just say its me ok...?
H: Ok
M: so what if we were doing it (yeah he says doing it so...) and I wanted you to slap me?
H:  Where?  Like in the face?
M: Yeah
H. I'd be like what is wrong with you?
M:  So you wouldn't do it?
H: NO!  It's you isn't it? Oh my god its you!
M:  No this girl I know!
H:i this girl asked me to choke her once!
M: uh yeah! You've never heard of that?
H: I have but I would never do that.  I'm a freak and all I mean I like freaky stuff but that's crazy
M:  she likes her dude to spit in her mouth too.
H: WHAT?  THAT'S DISGUSTING! I mean I'll share a drink with you and all but I'm not letting someone spit in my mouth.
M:  Not spit in your mouth you spit in hers.
H: no that's disgusting. Why would someone do that?
M: Different people like different things I guess.

I was cracking up!

I would really have to get him comfortable and get him to experiment.

Homeboy and I are going to go see the tree at Rockerfeller Center.  At least that's what we planned on.  Let's see how that plays out.  I told him I wanted to see the Macy's windows too.  I haven't gone to see the Macy's windows since I was a teenager.  So I wonder if its really going to happen.  I gotta do my hair or something...


  1. It's hard to find someone who likes the same things as you do. I'd be interested to see if he could ever get comfortable enough to enjoy that.

  2. Who knows. He's not even close to getting these goodies anyway