Friday, December 16, 2011

Weekend plans or lack thereof

Ahhh... Friday.  I have no idea what will be going down this weekend.  Most likely a lot of nothing.  PIC called and it sounds like she wants to do something but....

Here's the thing...

Every single time we are supposed to go out, she lets her dude swoop down and ruin it.  Now we know that I am not one from stopping a chick from being with her man because odds are, while I'm hanging out with you I'm plotting my exit to go to Crab's.  Odd are.  But there's a line that's drawn.  First of all.  If I tell you I'm gonna hang with you I will.  Even if I leave and go to Crab's after. That means the entire night might be cut short by say a half hour.  Instead of 2, I leave at 1:30.  Got me?

This is what happen last week.

  • Wed says she needs me to go out with her Friday. She calls during the day Friday and tells me her older daughter will babysit and I should bring Mini over right away and then go get dressed.  Mini and I had an after work agenda so I didn't get him over there until about 8:30.  
  • I go home to get dressed she calls and says her daughter was going out.  
  • A couple of hours later she calls and says we can still go because her Aunt is upstairs and as soon as the kids fall asleep we can go.  By this time I'm under the covers talking on the phone to my Crab.  
  • She calls me around 12 and she's like OK I'm bout to get dressed.  -_-  I'm bout to fall asleep.  I was not trying to go anywhere!

Saturday - Ok she's hyped up.  She wants to go!  I say ok...and call Cat Daddy and tell him lets hook up.  He's like "cool".  She kept Mini Friday night so I take her daughter (the little one) with me for the day.  Let her chill all day.  I pick up dinner.  Get back to her house at like 8.  We eat.  Her dude calls.  They argue.  We go into her bedroom with a little vodka whateva and she's like

P: Oh... what am I gonna wear?
M:  I don't know what to wear.  Where are we gonna go?
P: I'm going out with Band (Band is her dude)
M: Oh.
P: You can still leave Mini here though..

Then in walks Band...

I packed my son up and bounced.

This is the like the third time that she did that.  When she hung up with Band she should have said something... not wait until I'm all "So where are we gonna go?" and then be like Nowhere.  That is so fucking disrespectful to me.  Me and PIC get along great but when she does shit like that I get so pissed.

So yesterday she's all, "So what's going on this weekend?  I wanna go out!  I broke it off with Band."

-_-  Really?  I told her I was trying to hook up with Homeboy this weekend so...


  1. I can completely understand. Hate when women do that shit. Over no good ass niggas especially. Makes me reconsider friendships.

  2. LOL And that is why I prefer to go out with married or divorced women. They're over that hump when their man's d**k is the most magical thing in the world and don't bail on you like that.

    Besides, the Homeboy route sounds much more juicy....

  3. Man....listen! I have a friend that started acting like that and I had to just tell her about it. My nerves were erked and I couldn't take it anymore! The fact that she was giving her dude that much power and control even over her moods killed me. We're on a break cause when starts to affect me and mine NOPE!

  4. Yeah Gorgeous. Crab was all "I would have said something" and I was like I know YOU would have and he said. No actually anyone else would have. And this is from us coming back from a break. I put her on the back burner for a while.

  5. I have a friend like that, but luckily she and I aren't close enough for me to actually already be at her house hanging when she flakes. At least we hang in a big group so when she flakes, the rest of us just go on without her.