Tuesday, December 20, 2011

$3 and some dreams

Ah... my Crab is starting to sound like himself again.  Me likey.  I haven't seen him since the day I dropped that food of though.  I'll probably see him tomorrow though.  I made him something special.  I think imma wait until Christmas to give it to him.

It was actually for Valentines day but I think he could use it now so........imma give it to him.

We talked about what we would do if one of us won the mega millions.  We discuss this often.  He usually says he'd get me lots of things house car lots.  Anything I wanted pretty much.  He has picked a new dream car.  Its very sexy.  I told him that if he gets that car I don't want him to get me a car. He can just drop me off places.  And I told him everywhere I go I would make people meet me outside so they can see my fine ass (because I would have been gotten my tummy tuck and butt) kissing my baby goodbye and stepping out.  I told him if I won we could try anything that came to mind as a business just as an activity.  His shoe line would sky rocket because the possibilities would be endless.

If I won I would marry him and move to an island.  He would have to wear white all the time and I would by him a nice bar/lounge/restayrant.  He could do what ever.  Travel etc...  just as long as he always came home.


  1. Me and the one that ain't used to fantasize like this, It was such fun! :)

  2. @Nony Yeah. Imma buy a butt.

    @GP isn't it fun?

  3. Rabbit and I talk about the lottery as well. Only our convos go a little differently. He promised that if he won, we'd travel and never work again. And I said if I won, I'd probably cut my phone and he'd never hear from me again.

    PS: I also said I'd go to Brazil and get a better butt installed.