Monday, December 5, 2011


Oh I love Crab.

I just love him

But I was just at his house and I asked him "Can you please slap me today?" He seemed reluctant.  I don't think he likes for me to like to be slapped when I've done something bad.  I think he thinks its a little sick.  He asked me why.  I told him because I deserve it.  But he did and it felt good.  He spit too.  But he asked where I wanted it. Face or mouth.  I chose mouth.  It makes me feel close to him when its the mouth. I opened my mouth and he spit it it and before I knew it slap!  He slapped the shit out of me.  Just how I like it.  I hate it when he slaps me lightly. I like it to sting and I like the sound of it. I like for it to come out of nowhere too.


  1. Why whuuu? I always get confused about how much you know about me.

    Why do I like it to be a surprise? If I know it's coming I brace myself and it lessens the pleasure for me.


    Why would he have a problem with it? I called him a few minutes ago. He said no problem. He said he thinks he was joking with me or probably trying to make me think that he wouldn't because I always complain when I know when it's coming because then I naturally brace myself which takes away some of the pleasure for me. So he said He was probably acting like that so I would think that he wouldn't and then


    He gave it to me

  2. OH.MY.GOD.

    Damn!!! I'm still always shocked when I read your posts like this. I'm just in awe. I don't even know how I feel reading them. The only word I can think of is awe. And amazement.

    I think at one time Rabbit was building up to the slapping thing. And I don't know if he started that up 'cause his last girl liked it. I know his last girl liked to be choked, so he did that to me for a bit. And the choking I didn't mind so much, but then I started to notice him attempting the slap. They were taps to the cheek, but after a while it started to get a little more hard and a little more hard. And then one night we're going at it and I'm on top and I looked down at him and out of nowhere--SLAP!!!--I cracked him a good one. And he was stunned as shit. And a little pissed, actually. But I needed to beat him to the punch. I knew if I did it first and he knew what it felt like, he wouldn't do it to me. So I gave half his face a good welt in the shape of my palm. Now if he does it to me, I know he wants to fight. Which actually, come to think of it, would't be too bad... I kinda like fighting during sex. But I don't think he can fight and have sex at the same time. Damn, I should've made this my own post. I just made a post in your comments. You get me thinking sometimes LOL

  3. Lol @ Laki! I had to share your story with Crab. He laughed.