Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Little This. A Little That

So I've enlisted Flip (Crab's daughter) to help me with a little gift to him.  I'm not sure if he reads this because I gave him access to the blog a while ago.  He could be reading and acting like he isn't.  So I'm not gonna say what it is cause I want it to be a surprise surprise surprise! Although I don't think that he realizes that he can read it.  He's incredibly forgetful although he tends to think that he isn't. It's gonna be so funny when he sees it!  He's gonna say... What is this? You made this? Oh my God... and then he's gonna LAUGH!  And not for nothing, but he has a great laugh and if it's really funny he always says Ahhhhhh..... at the end!

ANYWAY.... I was talking to her for a while before I left his house yesterday.  She was all
"Didn't I see you Saturday"  (when I was stalking him)
I was like "No..."
she was like
"Yes I did."
I was like "Oh... yeah... I don't know... yeah you did... I think...I don't know... uh yeah"

I was trying to avoid Him hearing and getting to talking about it again.  Did I ever tell you that?  Crab will have the SAME conversation with me asking THE SAME question 7 or 8 times.  I have had THE SAME EXACT conversation with him at LEAST 6 times since Saturday.  And I mean THE SAME conversation.  And each time he carries the conversation like it was never had 5 times already.  But I just try and make sure I'm consistent with my answers as to not cause a bigger mess.  Simple answers.

I'm not sure.
Yes I know.
No I don't know.
I'm not sure why he gave me the money.
I don't know.
No there wasn't a lot of conversation.
Yes he just put the money in front of me.
Yeah I don't know Crab.
No I didn't even really say much.
All I said is that the girls were too skinny.
I don't know why I got mad.
No I am not bullshitting you, really, I don't remember...

I started to say "Do we have to talk about this again?"  But I just shut my mouth cause I did it.  If all I gotta do is keep answering the same questions so be it.  I made my bed right?  And now he has the right to do what he needs to do to make peace with it and eventually move on.

Flip's baby shower is Saturday and she said she really wants me to come.  I would love to but I don't know... I know him and his ex wife get along sometimes but most of the time he seems to despise her and he said that she has been rude to girlfriends in the past.  I don't want to go and have any tension because it's a day for Flip and the baby.  Not for being the a point of tension.  I may just go see her before the shower and give her a gift and tell her to have a great time at her shower.  I'm so excited about the baby though!  It's a boy.  He'll be a Jr.  He's gonna be teeny tiny!  I can't wait to hold him.  And I can't wait till she comes home so I can take the baby and give her time to rest and all!  Do my 'Grandpa's Pseudo Girlfriend's' duties! Of course she has a husband for all of that, but still. Oh.... Babies are so wonderful.  Especially the kind that aren't your responsibility! They're great!

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