Friday, December 2, 2011


So last night I thought about how I was supposed to be rewarded for my good behavior. Good behavior being not getting jealous (or at least not showing it). Me not halfway breaking up or asking to open up to me dating other men, me not getting attitudes about him giving me driving directions. Me not giving my phone number out. Just you know... me not causing drama. So I was to be rewarded with a new toy and/or some you know... back shots. True back shots. (Yes this is what I asked for. Yes me the one who accused him of treating my like a sex object) so I call...

 M: Hey... I just wanted to say goodnight before you go out.
C: Ok.
 M: Listen... Um you know how I was gonna get rewarded?
C: Huh?
 M: Yeah. You know for being good and all?
C: You've been good? (laughing) Oh so you've been good?
M: Yeah... I was good for weeks. You know. Before I messed up.
C: So you DO realize you messed up?
M: Uh huh... yeah... Well I mean. Can I still get my reward since I was good for weeks. Even though I messed up, I think I should still get my reward for all the other weeks that I've been good.
C: I don't know. Maybe...We'll see. Most likely.
 M: Um ok... Well goodnight
C: Good night. I'll give you buzz in the morning
M: Ok Good night

Now mind you Reading this it may sound just weird. To me it was an incredibly sexy conversation because this is how some of our best times start out. Usually I did something crazy at The Spot. We walk into his room. He starts going on about me acting up while he undresses. I apologize while groping him. And then we have a great time! So that conversation made me a little excited. I closed my eyes and fell right asleep!

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