Friday, December 23, 2011

Fancy meeting you here

Omg me and Sis went to a local bar to get a drink and guess who is here. Homeboy. 


I can't.... I can't.... I want him so bad.... I drank... I told him how I wanna fuck him so bad!

I rubbed his thighs He says he wants me too.

But everytime he touches me I say "get off me homeboy! You treat me bad!"

We are supposed to spend they day together tomorrow. And then go to a party at the same bar tomorrow night.

We shall see. If i didn't have to go get mini or need to shave the cooche I do believe I might have fucked the shit out of him tonight


  1. You can, you can. :) Be strong. If you want him to behave differently then you have to behave differently too, right? I'm not for game playing but there's no need to make it too easy for him, either. Only you can let him know what is and isn't acceptable to you. If he gets some cookie without having to really do anything different WHY would he do anything different???

    That's just my $.02. I'm new 'round these parts and have only read a lil background about you and Homeboy so forgive me if I don't understand.

  2. Hey Mia. I have never let him even touch it. Well just once from the outside of my pants. I told him to grab it and see how wet it was. Lol! I won't give it to him just yet. We've been doing this off and on for over a year. I take some time. I'll have to post a like to the Diana cliffnotes

  3. Yesss, so a sista can read up.