Friday, December 23, 2011

Didnt I Tell You to Shut Up

Omg.  I just got back from running around with Crab.  I could have just cut a nice size peice of duct tape and put it right over those juicey lips.  He was driving me craaaaaaazy.

You guys KNOW he is bossy and then super bossy in the car.

C: Don't go.  I'll tell you when

M: I can see Crab

C: No you can't

M: Yes I can

C: But you don't have the same angle

M. I can still see.

C: not as good as me

There are the bossy parking directions

Not here.  Not on this side.  You can park there, there or there.

Ok park right there next to that wall.  The white wall.  Behind the van. No no in front of the van.

I let him out and he goes in the store.  Then shennanigans began in the parking lot and I never even got to finish parking because these two broads in the parking lot were holding up traffic.  He comes right out the store and is all

Why are you parked like that! It looks crazy!

Then we're on a main strip that is hard to find parking on.  He's like "right here.  She's coming out!" while I'm driving past chick.  Mad traffic behind me. What does he expect me to do?  Slam on my brakes and get rear ended? So we are arguing about that and I just pulled over at the bus stop and said "Get out!" Not kicking him out for good.  The store he wanted to go to was across the street.

I told him "I'm taking mental note of everything you are saying cause I'm going home and I'm gonna blog about this."  He said "You do that.  I'm going to facebook about it.  I'm giving you the worst driver award."

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