Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Blahsey blah blah....

I told Crab the comments Laki and Mo had. He said it always surprises him because he doesn't look at himself as particulary good looking. He thinks I always say how sexy he is because I love him and that's why I find him so attractive.  I told him that at first I just saw him as perfect. It was an infatuation. But now Im kind of playing around when I talk about his looks because he's just him to me. A nice looking package, but the real goods are on the inside.  But anyway I told him how I'm taking the picture down eventually and he seemed to not want me to.  (Crab likes to post pictures of himself. He constantly puts new pics up on FB and I swear he sounds sad if he doesn't get a lot of likes. *giggles*.)  Anyway, he says
"Well there's no need to take it down.  I mean... my face is covered. Its no big deal. You don't have to take it down". So we will leave it cause he likes it being there.

Um.... so we had our pre admin tests for the surgery.  13 days to go.  Excited!

So in other news...  Crabs ex wife according to him is rude and mean to any of his girlfriends.  Well go back go back...
You all know Crab and my relationship status but his daughters are none the wiser.  Because well obviously (in my Billy Sorrells Peaches voice) he isn't gonna explain it to them.  They see me as his girlfriend because that is pretty much what I've been the past few years in their eyes. Anytime they've introduced me to their friends it has been "this is my dad's girlfriend Diana".  So anyway I had no idea his ex wife even knew I existed.  So last night I was on the phone with his daughter Flip. She was telling me how much she loved the stuff I bought for the baby and I had gotten her some Betsey Johnson slippers and she just loved them.  She said that her mother was like

E: Diana is the!  She is so sweet!
F: I know! That's what I have her saved in my phone as. Diana So Sweet!

Anyways. She said her mom said it makes her feel more comfortable knowing I'm there when she isn't to help Flip with the motherhood transition.

This meant so much to me.  I feel like it is really special when the Ex likes you especially one that never likes anyone.  And then for her to want me to be a part of something as special as the new baby! 

My brother will be here in about a week!  It great because I haven't seen him in about 5 years.  He's coming to help me after the surgery.

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