Friday, November 18, 2011


Oh so. I meant to tell yall about the dude at dinner that I totally clicked with and decided that he'd be my new gay best friend.

Apparently he isn't gay. And he apparently wants him some Diana. Bad! But when I tell you dude is straight up Paris is Burning I mean... He is giving so much Gay Realness it's not funny.

I gave him my number because I was so excited to go try on shoes with him and let him in the dressing room with no quams and have major fuckery and debochery
the streets of New York. Well. No. Apparently the story he is giving is that he likes girls. Literally. And I say literally because he says literally like literally every three words!

He invited me out to the city to hang next weekend. I was like cool. And he was like "Ok you said that too fast. Let me learn you something okaaaay. When I tell you I do not want to fuck up your relationship I really mean it but I am trouble."
I was like " That is no problem I am not worried about that happening." So he was all "What do you mean by that" And I was like "I'm good. Nothing is gonna come between me and my man". And he was like "I'm serious. I told you I'm a preacher's kid. I get into trouble. I just don't bring it to the church. I'm the choir director AND I like girls! My father would have a fit if some girl left the congregation because I broke up with her."



I get myself into so many weird situations!

So he wants me to come over so he can cook and sing for me...



    He's probably at the stage in his life where he's trying to convince himself that he likes girl. Or he's bi. Either

  2. Yeah. I would say hell no to this one ma'am. He's showing you all signs of being a bad individual. Heed them!