Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bombshell philosophy in full effect.  Crab can totally envision exactly what I was saying with the whole Bombshell thing.  He's such a fuckin visionary. 

So we are dreaming up this calendar idea. Of course he says no one but me would buy a calendar of him. I say not true.  I want you all to buy one and then hide it in the back of the closet cause you know I don't like people looking at him. Lol. I kid... I kid...  I'm about to start putting pictures of him up. He'd probably like that.  Anyway. I told him that the outside is just the surface and that I wouldn't care because the whole of what makes him who I love goes past the surface.  But we gotta show people in our best way about who he is.
  So we thought of some scenarios to convey that he is well groomed and works on wall street and works out and enjoys getting head of course!  He thinks we should practice the head shot though. Lol.  I told him that I just want him to pay for my tummy tuck with some of the profits he said

"All $50 of it..."

In other news... I miss MzP really bad

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