Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gobble Gobble Yo

So tomorrow is thanksgiving.

Sigh... I'm going to my dad's house. I don't like his fiance so much anymore. I think she's phony. She was a lot cooler before she got a ring. Now she seems like she doesn't want him doing for me and my son. Everytime I go over there she acts like it's some big ass inconvenience. The last time I went when she opened the door she said

"I dont know why he said you could come over. We're busy packing."

Her 2 perfect little daughters will be there to. She acts like they are GD perfect. The youngest one ( I think she's a year younger than me) has zero personality. The older one is cool though. I like her.

Guess what I did?

I invited Crab. I did. In my round about way. I said "I know you usually go to the bar

Sidebar - not that he sits at the bar and drinks but he used to work there and it's actually a very nice restaurant and they have Thanksgiving dinner for their employees and he is still invited even though he doesn't work there anymore and his bestfriend still works there so...

but you are more than welcome to come with me to my dad's for thanksgiving. No pressure just extending the offer."

He said "Oh okay!" not meaning that he's coming just acknowledging the offer.

So anyway. I'm not necessarily looking forward to this because that bitch Giggles makes me uncomfortable in my father's home. And my dad is my best friend. I told her when she stepped on the scene that everything would be cool if she realized she had to share him with me.

I want to tell her YOU CANT TAKE MY DAD BITCH!

My dad has kidney failure and in a couple of months I'm gonna be donating my kidney to him. Who knows how it will work out. Every day I have him with me is special and for her to try to take any of that away from me I will hate her. I would. So she has to be a little bit more sensitive.

and that's all. I wish I had a friend to bring along for support though. That's why I hope Crabby Crabster will come along.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope he goes with you too. Your soon-to-be-stepmom sounds shady.. Be sure to update!!